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Abbott, Edwin A
    Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

Abendsen, Hawthorne
    The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

Abernathy, Robert

Aldiss, Brian
A Science Fiction Omnibus
Billion Year Spree
More Penguin Science Fiction
Penguin Science Fiction
The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus
The Penguin World Omnibus of Science Fiction
Yet More Penguin Science Fiction
'Basis for Negotiation'
'But Who Can Replace a Man?'
'Diagrams for Three Enigmatic Stories'
'Man in His Time'
'Old Hundredth'
'Poor Little Warrior!'
Aldridge, Alan
Allen, Marijane

Amazing Stories (magazine)
Amis, Kingsley
New Maps of Hell
The Golden Age of Science Fiction
'Hemingway in Space'
'Something Strange'
Anderson, Poul
'Sam Hall'
'Sister Planet'
'The Longest Voyage'
'The Voortrekkers'
    '1,000,000 A.D'

Anthony, John
    'The Hypnoglyph'

Arcimboldo, Giuseppe
Asimov, Isaac
Machines That Think
The Hugo Winners
'That Thou Art Mindful of Him!'
'The Bicentennial Man'
'The Evitable Conflict'
'The Fun They Had'
'The Machine That Won the War'
Astounding (magazine)
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Baines, Phil
    Penguin by Design

Baldick, Robert
Ball, Brian
    Tales of Science Fiction
    'Escape Velocity'

Ballard, J G
The Crystal World
The Drought (aka The Burning World)
The Drowned World
The Four-Dimensional Nightmare
The Terminal Beach
The Wind From Nowhere
'Mr F is Mr F'
'The Voices of Time'
'Track 12'
Bates, Harry
    'Farewell to the Master'

Baum, L Frank
    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Bean, Norman (pseudonym of Edgar Rice Burroughs)
Bear, Greg
    'Blood Music'

Beaver, Harold
    The Science Fiction of Edgar Alan Poe

Bellamy, Edward
    Looking Backward: 2000-1887

Bellini, Giovanni
Bellmer, Hans
Beneath the Planet of the Apes (film)
Benford, Gregory
    'Doing Lennon'

Bernhard, Lucian
Beresford, J D
    The Hampdenshire Wonder

Bester, Alfred
The Demolished Man
Tiger! Tiger! (aka The Stars My Destination)
'Disappearing Act'
Bierce, Ambrose
    'Moxon's Master'

Big Bang
Big Brother
Biggle, Jr., Lloyd
    All the Colours of Darkness

Bixby, Jerome
    'It's a Good Life'

Blackburn, John
    A Scent of New-Mown Hay (aka The Reluctant Spy)

Blair, Eliza
    'Friends in Need'

Blake, Quentin
Blish, James
A Case of Conscience
Black Easter or Faust Aleph-Null
The Day After Judgement
'A Work of Art'
'Common Time'
Bloch, Robert
    'The Hell-Bound Train'

Boardman, Tom
    Connoisseur's Science Fiction

Bodley Head
Bone, J F

Borges, Jorge Luís
    'The Garden of Forking Paths'

Boucher, Anthony
    'The Quest for St Aquin'

Boulle, Pierre
    Monkey Planet (aka Planet of the Apes)

Bowen, John
    After the Rain

Bowie, David
Boyce, Chris
    'The Skytank Portfolio'

Boyd, John
The Girl with the Jade Green Eyes
The Last Starship From Earth
The Pollinators of Eden
The Rakehells of Heaven
Boye, Karin

Brackett, Leigh
    'The Lake of the Gone Forever'

Bradbury, Ray
    The Day it Rained Forever

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
    'The Wind People'

Brauner, Victor
Brown, Fredric
'The Waveries'
Brueghel, Pieter
    The Fall of Icarus

Brunner, John
Telepathist (aka The Whole Man)
The Long Result
The Productions of Time
The Squares of the City
The Tides of Time
'The Windows of Heaven'
Brzezinski, Anton
Buck Rogers
Budrys, Algis
'The End of Summer'
'The Silent Eyes of Time'
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward
    The Coming Race

Burgess, Anthony
    A Clockwork Orange

Burroughs, Edgar Rice
A Princess of Mars (aka Under the Moons of Mars)
Tarzan of the Apes
The Land That Time Forgot
Butler, Samuel

Butt, Aune
    'The Artist in Science Fiction'
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Calvert, Robert
Campbell, Jr., John W
Čapek, Karel
R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots)
War with the Newts
Carnell, John
    Lambda I and Other Stories

Carr, Terry
    Best Science Fiction of the Year

Carter, Angela
    'The World as Text'

Carter, Robert
    'Rotating Frame-Up'

Castle, Philip
Chadwick, Philip George
    The Death Guard

Chain, Julian
    'The Captives'

Chalker, Jack L
Exiles at the Well of Souls
Midnight at the Well of Souls
Quest for the Well of Souls
The Return of Nathan Brazil
Twilight at the Well of Souls
Chandler, Bertram
'All Laced Up' (as George Whitley)
'The Cage'
'The Half Pair'
Chapdelaine, Perry
    'The Return of Prince John Israel Mcwayizeni Shaka'

Chesterman, Adrian
Chiang, Ted
    'Story of Your Life'

Chirico, Giorgio de
Christopher, John
The Death of Grass
The World in Winter
'Mr Kowtshook'
Clarke, Arthur C
Islands in the Sky
Of Time and Stars
'Before Eden'
'Dial F for Frankenstein'
'Hide and Seek'
'The Forgotten Enemy'
'The Nine Billion Names of God'
'The Star'
'The Wind From the Sun'
Clement, Hal
    Mission of Gravity

Cogswell, Theodore
    'The Wall Around the World'

Collyn, George
    'Unification Day'

Coney, Michael
    'In Search of Professor Greatrex'

Connington, J J
    Nordenholt's Million

Conroy, Stephen
Coon, Carleton
    'The Future of the Races of Man'

Cooper, Susan

Craig-Martin, Michael
    An Oak Tree

Cronin, Brian
Crowley, John
    Great Work of Time
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Dahl, Roald
Darwin, Charles
    The Origin of Species

Davidson, Avram
'Or All the Seas with Oysters'
Day the Earth Stood Still, The
de Camp, L Sprague

del Ray, Lester
'The Renegade'
'Though Dreamers Die'
Desiderio, Monsù
deus ex machina
Dexter, Ralph
    'Eltonian Pyramid'

Dick, Philip K
The Man in the High Castle
The Penultimate Truth
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
Time Out of Joint
'A Little Something for Us Tempunauts'
'Beyond Lies the Wub'
'The Electric Ant'
'If There Were No Benny Cemoli'
Dickson, Gordon
    'The Monkey Wrench'

Dille, Flint
'Armageddon 1995'
'The Relic'
Disch, Thomas M
    'Now is Forever'

Dominguez, Oscar
Donne, John
Dorman, Sonya
    'The Child Dreams'
    'When I Was Miss Dow'

Douglas, Robin
    'On the Mud-Flats of Rhuma'

Doyle, Arthur Conan
    The Lost World
    The Poison Belt

Duchamp, Marcel
    The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even

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Ecclesiastes, Book of
Ediciones Martínez Roca
Edwards, Malcolm
    Constellations: Stories of the Future

Elliot, John
    A for Andromeda / The Andromeda Breakthrough

Ellison, Harlan
'I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream'
Emshwiller, Carol
    'Sex and/or Mr Morrison'

Ernst, Max
Ernst, Paul
    'Nothing Happens on the Moon'

Escher, M C
Evans, Christopher
'The Human Operator'
'The Time Travellers'
Eye (magazine)


Facetti, Germano
Farmer, Philip José
    Night of Light

Fast, Howard
    'The First Men'

Fast, Julius
    Out of This World

Feininger, Lyonel
Ferman, Edward
    Final Stage: The Ultimate Science Fiction Anthology

Finney, Charles G
    The Circus of Dr Lao

Finney, Jack
    'Quit Zoomin' Those Hands Through the Air'

Forster, E M
    'The Machine Stops'

Foster, Alan Dean
    'What Do the Simple Folk Do...?'

Fyfe, H B
    'Protected Species'


Galaxy (magazine)
Games, Abram
Gedge, Pauline

Gernsback, Hugo
Gilliam, Terry
Ginsburg, Mirra
    The Ultimate Threshold: A Collection of the Finest in Soviet Science Fiction

Gleizes, Albert
Godwin, Tom
    'The Greater Thing'

Godwin, Tony
golden age of science fiction
Gooch, Stan
    'Once More, With Feeling'

Greenland, Colin
    The Entropy Exhibition

Grignani, Franco
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Haiblum, Isidore

Hall, William
    'A Medal for Horatius'

Hampden, John
    Great English Short Stories

Harding, Lee

Hargreaves, H A
    'Tee Vee Man'

Harrison, Harry
Apeman, Spaceman
Bill, the Galactic Hero
Make Room! Make Room!
Plague From Space (aka The Jupiter Legacy)
'An Alien Agony'
'Rescue Operation'
'Space Rats of the CCC'
'The Streets of Ashkelon'
'War with the Robots'
Harness, Charles
    'Time Trap'

Hartley, L P
    Facial Justice

Hay, George
Pulsar 1
Pulsar 2
Heinlein, Robert A
Citizen of the Galaxy
The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag
'Goldfish Bowl'
Henderson, Zenna
    The People: No Different Flesh

Hendrix, Jimi
Herbert, Frank
Destination: Void (aka Do I Wake or Dream?)
The Dragon in the Sea (aka Under Pressure)
High, Philip E
    'Routine Exercise'

Hills, Gillian
Hilton, James
    Lost Horizon

Hitchin, John
Holdstock, Robert
    'High Pressure'

Hollis, Richard
Homo gestalt
Homo hydrogenensis
Homo superior
Hooton, Earnest
    'Apology for Man's Physique'

Hopper, Edward
Household, Geoffrey
    Arrows of Desire

Hoyle, Fred
A for Andromeda / The Andromeda Breakthrough
Fifth Planet
Into Deepest Space
October the First is Too Late
Ossian's Ride
Seven Steps to the Sun
The Black Cloud
The Incandescent Ones
The Inferno
The Nature of the Universe
Hoyle, Geoffrey
Hubble, Edwin
Hugo Awards
Hutton, Pascal
Huxley, Aldous
Brave New World
Hynckes, Raoul
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Inglis, James
    'Night Watch'

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (film)
Irvine, Abigail
    'Triple Cross'


Jarry, Alfred
'How to Construct a Time Machine'
'The Passion Considered as an Uphill Bicycle Race'
    The Supermale

Jonas, Robert
Jonathan Cape
Jones, Langdon
    'The Great Clock'

Judd, Cyril (pseudonym of Judith Merril and Cyril Kornbluth)


Kandinsky, Wassily
Kapp, Colin
    'Lambda I'

Karp, David
    One (aka Escape to Nowhere)

Keenan, Jamie
Kent, Steve
Keyes, Daniel
    'Flowers for Algernon'

Kilworth, Garry
Gemini God
In Solitary
Split Second
The Night of Kadar
'Alien Embassy'
'A Warrior Falls'
'Let's go to Golgotha!'
Kipling, Rudyard
    'As Easy as ABC'
    'With the Night Mail'

Klass, Morton
    'In the Beginning'

Klee, Paul
Kneale, Nigel
The Quatermass Experiment
Quatermass II
Quatermass and the Pit
Knight, Damon
The Man in the Tree
'The Country of the Kind'
'The Second-Class Citizen'
Koontz, Dean
    'We Three'

Kornbluth, C M
Gunner Cade
Search the Sky
The Space Merchants (aka Gravy Planet)
'MS Found in a Chinese Fortune Cookie'
Kubrick, Stanley
Kuttner, Henry
    Ahead of Time
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Lacey, Tony
La Jetée (film)
Lane, Allen
Langford, David
    'The Still Small Voice Inside'

Lasswell, Harold
    'Men in Space'

Latham, Philip
    'The Xi Effect'

Laumer, Keith
    A Plague of Demons

Léger, Fernand
Le Guin, Ursula
'The Day Before the Revolution'
'The New Atlantis'
'Vaster Than Empires and More Slow'
Leiber, Fritz
Conjure Wife
The Wanderer
'A Pail of Air'
Leinster, Murray
'A Logic Named Joe'
'Exploration Team'
Lem, Stanislaw
Mortal Engines
Tales of Pirx the Pilot
The Cyberiad
The Futurological Congress
The Invincible
The Star Diaries
Lempicka, Tamara de
Lewis, Roy
    The Evolution Man (aka What We Did to Father)

London, Jack
The Iron Heel
'The Scarlet Plague'
Lord, Peter
lost world
Lundwall, Sam
    The Penguin World Omnibus of Science Fiction
Lupoff, Richard
    'Sail the Tide of Mourning'
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McCaffrey, Anne
    'The Ship Who Sang'

McGrath, Stefan
McIntosh, J T
    'Made in U.S.A.'

McIntyre, Vonda
    'Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand'

McLaughlin, Dean
    'For Those Who Follow After'

MacLean, Katherine
'The Snowball Effect'
MacLeod, Sheila
    Xanthe and the Robots

Magill, Cherriwyn
Magritte, René
Malcolm, Donald
    'Beyond the Reach of Storms'

Malevich, Kazimir
Malpass, E L
    'Return of the Moon Man'

Malzberg, Barry
    Final Stage: The Ultimate Science Fiction Anthology
    'The Wonderful, All-Purpose Transmogrifier'

Marber, Romek
    The Marber grid

Marker, Chris
Martin, George
    'The Storms of Windhaven'

Masson, David I
    'Traveller's Rest'

Matta, Roberto
Mayer, Peter
Merril, Judith
Gunner Cade
'That Only a Mother'
Miller, Harland
    Wake Up and Smell the Coffin

Miller, Walter M
'Command Performance'
'I Made You'
'The Darfsteller'
Miner, Horace
    'Body Ritual Among the Nacirema'

Minotaure (magazine)
Miró, Joan
Moorcock, Michael
A Cure for Cancer
The Traps of Time
Moore, C L
    'Jirel Meets Magic'

Moore, Ward

More, Sir Thomas

Murdock, M S
Armageddon Off Vesta
Hammer of Mars
Rebellion 2456
'Tryst of Fate'
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Nevinson, C R W
New American Library
New English Library
New Worlds (magazine)
Nietzsche, Friedrich
Norton, André
Lord of Thunder
The Beast Master
Nourse, Alan


O'Leary, Timothy
    'A Preliminary Investigation of an Early Man Site in the Delaware River Valley'

Oliver, Chad
'Didn't He Ramble'
'Of Course'
Oltion, Jerry

O'Neill, Joseph
    Land Under England

O'Reilly, Ulrike
    'Two Barneys'

Orwell, George
    Nineteen Eighty-Four

Ouspensky, P D
    Strange Life of Ivan Osokin
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Pan Books
Pangborn, Edgar
A Mirror for Observers
The Judgement of Eve
panic tops
Panther Books
Paolozzi, Eduardo
Pardey, James
Penguin Book Covers: Franco Grignani
'Landscapes From a Dream'
'The Art of Penguin Science Fiction'
'The Art of More Penguin Science Fiction'
'The Art of Yet More Penguin Science Fiction'
Parkes, Lucas (pseudonym of John Wyndham)
    The Outward Urge

Parrot Books
Peacock Books
Pelham, David
Pelican Books
Penguin Archive
Penguin Books
Classic Science Fiction
Penguin Adventure
Penguin American Library
Penguin Celebrations
Penguin Classics
Penguin Crime
Penguin English Library
Penguin Film Classics
Penguin Films
Penguin Metaphysical Library
Penguin Modern Classics
Penguin Partnerships
Penguin Science Fiction, part one
Penguin Science Fiction, part two
Penguin Science Fiction Postcards: 100 Book Covers in One Box
Penguin Science Fiction poster: The Best of All Possible Worlds
Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics
Penguin Westerns
Pocket Penguin Classics
Popular Penguins
Penguin Catalogue, The
Penguin Collector, The
Petty, John
    The Last Refuge

Picasso, Pablo
Piper, H Beam
'He Walked Around the Horses'
Planet of the Apes
    The Republic

Plauger, P J
    'Child of All Ages'

Poe, Edgar Allan
    The Pit and the Pendulum: The Essential Poe
    The Science Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe
Pohl, Frederik
Alternating Currents
A Plague of Pythons
Demon in the Skull
Drunkard's Walk
Rogue Star
Search the Sky
The Reefs of Space
The Space Merchants (aka Gravy Planet)
The Starchild Trilogy
'Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus'
'The Tunnel Under the World'
'The Wizard of Pung's Corners'
'We Purchased People'
Porges, Arthur
    'The Rescuer'

Preuss, Paul
    Broken Symmetries

Puffin Plus
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Rackham, John
    'The Last Salamander'

Rand, Ayn

Reamy, Tom
    Blind Voices

Redon, Odilon
Reed, Kit
'Great Escape Tours, Inc.'
'Mister Da V'
'The Food Farm'
'The Wait'
Rieu, E V
Roberts, Keith
Molly Zero
The Furies
Roberts, William
Robinson, Kim Stanley
    'Sexual Dimorphism'

Rodchenko, Aleksander
Roeg, Nicolas
Rucker, Rudy

Russ, Joanna
'An Old-Fashioned Girl'
'Nobody's Home'
'The Second Inquisition'
Russell, Eric Frank
Somewhere a Voice
Three to Conquer (aka Call Him Dead)
With a Strange Device (aka The Mindwarpers)
'Sole Solution'
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Saberhagen, Fred
Salwowski, Mark
Sargent, Pamela
Women of Wonder
    More Women of Wonder
Saroglia, Francesco
Saxton, Josephine
'The Power of Time'
'Woe, Blight, and in Heaven, Laughs'
Schmitz, James

Schmoller, Hans
Schoenfeld, Howard
    'Build Up Logically'

Schulz, Charles M

Science Fiction Monthly (magazine)
scientific romance
Shaara, Michael
    '2066: Election Day'

Shaw, Bob
'Light of Other Days'
'Small World'
Shaw, Lao
    'Everybodyovskyism in Cat City'

Sheckley, Robert
Immortality Inc.
The Robert Scheckley Omnibus
The Status Civilization (aka Omega!)
'Cost of Living'
'The Homecoming'
'The Store of the Worlds'
Shelton, Jerry

Sherriff, R C
    The Hopkins Manuscript

Shiel, M P
    The Purple Cloud

Sidey, Paul
Silverberg, Robert
'The Macauley Circuit'
Simak, Clifford
Time and Again
'The Big Front Yard'
Sloan, John French
Smith, Cordwainer
'Down to a Sunless Sea'
'The Game of Rat and Dragon'
Spencer, Herbert

Sphere Books
Spielberg, Steven
Staniland, Meaburn
    Back to the Future

Stapledon, Olaf
Last and First Men
Last Men in London
Odd John
Star Maker
Steinbeck, John
    'The Short-Short Story of Mankind'

Sterling, Bruce
The Artificial Kid
Stevenson, Robert Louis
    'The Song of the Morrow'

Stewart, Alfred W (aka J J Connington)
Stoddart, Jim
Stover, Leon E
    Apeman, Spaceman

Strugatsky, Arkady and Boris
Prisoners of Power
Roadside Picnic
'Six Matches'
Sturgeon, Theodore
More Than Human
The Joyous Invasions
'Mr Costello, Hero'
Sturgeon's Law
Suggs, Robert
    'The Kon-Tiki Myth'
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Take Time Out with Penguin Science Fiction
Tanguy, Yves
Taylor, John
    'Infectious Science'

Tchelitchew, Pavel
Tenn, William
'Eastward Ho!'
'The Liberation of Earth'
Tevis, Walter
    The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Times (newspaper)
Tiptree, Jr., James
'And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side'
    'Her Smoke Rose Up Forever'
Tschichold, Jan
    Penguin Composition Rules

Tubb, E C
    'The Knife'

Tuttle, Lisa
    'The Storms of Windhaven'

Twelve Monkeys (film)


Upchurch, Boyd (aka John Boyd)


van Vogt, A E
'Death Talk'
Varley, John
'In the Bowl'
'Retrograde Summer'
Vasarely, Victor
Vector (magazine)
Verne, Jules
    Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Village of the Damned (film)
Vincent, Harl

Vinge, Joan
    'Tin soldier'

Vinge, Vernor
    'Long Shot'

Vonnegut, Kurt
Cat's Cradle
'Harrison Bergeron'
'Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow'
voyages extraordinaires
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Wakeman, Rick
    Journey to the Centre of the Earth (album)

Wallace, F L
    'Student Body'

Ward, Charles
    'A Preliminary Investigation of an Early Man Site in the Delaware River Valley'

War Game, The (film)
Watson, Ian
    'Immune Dreams'

Wayne, Jeff
    The War of the Worlds (album)

Webb, Kaye
Weholt, Richard
    'The Mushroom Crowd'

Wells, H G
A Modern Utopia
Men Like Gods
The Country of the Blind and Other Selected Stories
The First Men in the Moon
The Great Science Fiction
The Invisible Man
The Island of Doctor Moreau
The Shape of Things to Come
The Sleeper Awakes
The Time Machine
The War in the Air
The War of the Worlds
'Foretelling the Future'
'The Chronic Argonauts'
'The Crystal Egg'
'The Door in the Wall'
'The Empire of the Ants'
'The Man of the Year Million'
'The Plattner Story'
'The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes'
'The Sea Raiders'
'The Stolen Bacillus'
Whitley, George (pseudonym of Bertram Chandler)
    'All Laced Up'

Wilhelm, Kate
'Baby, You Were Great'
'The Funeral'
Williams, Robert Moore
    'Robot's Return'

Williams, William Emrys
    The Penguin Story, 1935-1956

Williamson, Jack
Rogue Star
The Reefs of Space
The Starchild Trilogy
Willock, Harry
Wilson, Spencer
Wolfe, Bernard
    Limbo '90

Wolfe, Gene
'Alien Stones'
'The Hero as Werwolf'
World Science Fiction Convention ('Worldcon')
Wyndham, John
Consider Her Ways and Others
Plan for Chaos
Stowaway to Mars
The Best of John Wyndham
The Chrysalids
The Day of the Triffids
The Kraken Wakes
The Midwich Cuckoos
The Outward Urge
The Penguin John Wyndham
The Secret People
The Seeds of Time
The World of John Wyndham
Trouble With Lichen
'The Lost Machine'
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Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
    'False Dawn'

Youd, Samuel (aka John Christopher)
Young, Edward
Young, Robert F
    'Clay Suburb'


Zamyatin, Yevgeny

Zebrowski, George

Zelazny, Roger
'Divine Madness'
Zemeckis, Robert
ZONE (Penguin fanzine)