1 Welcome to the machine
An introduction to the Art of Penguin Science Fiction.
2 The rise of Homo superior
Early Penguin science fiction, Edward Young's classic cover and Jan Tschichold's refinement of it.
3 A sheep in Wolfe's clothing
Hans Schmoller and science fiction in the vertical cover format.
4 The bride stripped bare
The transition from typographical to pictorial covers in 1960–62.
5 Revolutions
Tony Godwin, Germano Facetti and the Marber grid.
6 Memory of the future
Modern art and part one of the Penguin Science Fiction series in 1963–66.
7 As sure as x is x
The ones that got away.
8 Back in black
Alan Aldridge and part two of the Penguin Science Fiction series in 1966–67.
9 Dystopia and other pronouns
Science fiction in Penguin Modern Classics.
10 Science friction
Pop Art and Alan Aldridge's psychedelic covers of 1967.
11 Mayday
The panic of '68, its impact on science fiction, and the arrival of David Pelham.
12 Ruffled feathers
Take Time Out in 1968 and Peacock science fiction for teenagers.
13 The third Italian renaissance
Franco Grignani's science fiction covers of 1969-70.
14 In memoriam
The Penguin John Wyndham, with cover art by Harry Willock in 1970.
15 Déjà vu
Sequels, reprints and strange recurrences in the early 1970s.
16 A bigger bang
David Pelham's minimalist triptych of 1971.
17 The cog-eyed droog
A Clockwork Orange with classic cover art by David Pelham and Philip Castle in 1972-73.
18 Into the computer age
David Pelham's other science fiction covers of 1972-73.
19 A Ballardian reboot
Relaunching J G Ballard in 1974 with cover art by David Pelham.
20 Strange fruit
A lustrum of change, a medley of guises, as Penguin sf experiments with style in 1974-80.
21 Triffidus redivivus
John Wyndham's posthumous entry to the Penguin pantheon, with cover art by Peter Lord in 1979-80.
22 The best of all possible worlds
A new series, a new logo and cover art by Adrian Chesterman in 1979-82.
23 The product
Selling science fiction in 1983-87.
24 Wyndham, with style
John Wyndham again, with cover art by Mark Salwowski in the mid to late '80s.
25 The cult of pulp
Penguin pays tribute to the golden age of sf with a Classic Science Fiction series in 1987-88.
26 Life after death
Penguin sf, Buck Rogers and RoC in 1990-94.
27 Classic sf from A to Z
Science fiction in Penguin Classics from Abbott to Zamyatin.
28 Millennium
Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics, and Modern Classics for the twenty-first.
29 Plan for chaos
The "newly discovered companion novel to The Day of the Triffids" and others, with covers by Brian Cronin.
30 Penguin Partnerships
Bespoke books for corporate clients.
31 Not quite nowhere backwards
The Art of Penguin Science Fiction in print, prints and postcards.
32 The gallery
Penguin science fiction covers year by year, from 1935 to the present day.
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